Our Recently Completed Projects


Nothing on the floor

Organised work floors are
energetic and efficient. International best practices say that neither raw material, nor semi finished, nor finished goods should be lying around on the factory floor. They should either be stacked, palletised or put on trolleys/hand trucks. Balvika has designed various shop floor trolleys to help customers achieve this best practice.


Bobbin Trolley

Bobbin Trolley
Bobbin trolleys have application across textiles and jute industries. Balvika has expertise in all types of jute bobbin trolley customized to the individual needs and requirements. Number of bobbins per trolleys, size of the trolleys and length of spikes etc vary across different Jute mills.


Customised FRP Box

FRP Boxes Customised
Balvika is into all types of customized FRP fabrication as per design drawing and dimensions. The boxes in the picture have been fabricated for a leading metal company for insulation purposes.


Panel manufacturing trolley

Panel Manufacturing trolley
The trolley in the picture is a perfect example of inventory streamlining by material handling equipments. The trolley is designed to carry complete inventory for one single electrical panel (switch gear or transformer). This is a perfect solution for businesses requiring assembling job.


Rough terrain lifting equipment

Rough Terrain Pallet truck
Designed for a leading public sector company to handle fly ash bricks. The trolley can carry fly ash bricks to and from the curing area. The scooter wheels help in easy maneuverability and handling.