September 13, 2017

Efficiency in Heavy Goods Handling

A right material handling equipment plays a very crucial role in the overall functioning and efficiency of any place by reducing downtime, safeguarding against injuries thereby positively affecting productivity. Pallet trucks are one such equipment. Their ergonomic design benefits the operators in maintaining good posture while handling load, shortening load movement time, relieving them of tiredness and resulting in no slowdowns during production. Hydraulic pallet trucks are now a necessity in nearly every industry – from the plant floor to the warehouses, shipping yards to retail stores – and will continue to be one of the most useful tools for manufacturers.

While the original pallet trucks utilized cranks and levers to hoist pallets, the modern trucks are innovatively designed and employ cutting edge technology, for example small batteries and especially hydraulics to source power needed to lift the load. Balvika Industrial Equipments Pvt Ltd is one of the leading hydraulic pallet truck manufacturers in Kolkata and one of the strong runners countrywide. Balvika’s innovative approach to heavy goods handling solutions has led to its successful market position.

As a hydraulic pallet truck manufacturer Balvika offers a variety of pallet trucks as solutions to various load lifting requirements – Hydraulic Reel/Drum Lifting Truck, High lifting Hydraulic Pallet Truck, Hydraulic Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale, Battery Operated Pallet Truck, Rough Terrain Hydraulic Pallet Truck, Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck and any customised pallet truck on customer demand. The choice of the equipment depends on the desired height, desired load capacity, nature of material to be handled and of course the sight of operation.

Balvika’s hydraulic pallet truck specifications clearly speak of the ingeniousness they have put into achieving efficiency in heavy goods handling. While the Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck is a heavy duty equipment with a load capacity of upto 5000 kilograms, the High Lifting Hydraulic Pallet Truck is designed to accomplish the work with least possible manual effort. Hydraulic Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale is a niche product aimed at growing proficiency and productivity in the work base and is a wonderful addition to the already existing line. Rough Terrain Hydraulic Pallet Truck is unique for its pneumatic wheels, thus suitable for brick manufacturing and other similar rugged area usages.

Pallet trucks of these variety and state-of-the-art design and technology are most beneficial when collaborated with packing processes, production line, workshops, wear-houses and factory operations. Moreover, the prices offered by Balvika are highly competitive when juxtaposed to prices across India.

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