September 11, 2017

Handling Materials in Heights with Scissor Lift Tables

Goods lifting solutions have gained paramount importance in today’s world. This is caused particularly due to the increased dependence on vertical expansion of factories, workshops and ware houses. Land parcels have become scarce and it is no more logical to expand the work area horizontally; especially when you can increase it in manifolds within the same area by going vertical. Mezzanine floors have become the order of the day, whether in warehouses and process industry.

Balvika Industrial Equipments Pvt. Ltd (BIEPL), one of the leading Hydraulic Scissor Lift Manufacturers in Kolkata and the one known for innovation in Scissor Lift Table Manufacturing in India, offer customized goods lifting solutions for all types of requirements. The choice of mechanism depends on the desired height, cycle of operation, load capacity required, nature of material to be handled and of course the sight where the lift has to be installed.

These lifts work on hydraulic system and can be designed for both AC and DC power supplies. Simplicity of design and structure ensures that a pre-planned pit or enclosure is not required for installation of such lifts. These can also be installed outside the building or factory shed. Minimal infrastructural requirement results in very little installation time as also maintenance free operation. The basic designs are – wall mounted stacker type lifts, pit mounted scissor lift platform and hydraulic loading platform with underground cylinder.

The panels used in Balvika lifts are designed with modern technology and the lifts are equipped with programmed PLC, overload protection, emergency buttons etc in line with international standard quality. Cabin design can be fully customized as per customer requirement. Moreover, the Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table prices offered by Balvika are highly competitive when compared to Hydraulic Scissor Lift price in India.

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